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Sunday May 19 2024 - REGISTRATION OPEN

8th Annual Event - TLC FUNraiser

To register for our 2024 8th Annual TLC Fore Reading PA tournament, please visit our registration page by clicking here


This event sells out fast every year in a matter of weeks and last year, we had a waiting list for those who did not register in time.

ITS ALL ABOUT THE MISSION.. bringing our community together.. and sharing positive Space. And just like every year.. we add a fun wrinkle to an already OUT OF THIS WORLD EVENT!!

INSPIRE CURIOSITY with our community is theme for 2023.. let’s discover and learn about more positive things in Reading and Berks County Pa.

It’s a brand new adventure season, unique learning, community involvement and of course FUN. This starts a whole new season for us, and we need your help.

If you golf, please consider coming out for this fun day. If you’re a business, please consider sponsoring the tournament! If you want to volunteer.. WE NEED YOU.. if your an organization WE WANT YOU.. sooo let’s make this year epic.

From the bottom of our hearts ♥️ we thank you for your continued support.





Inspire Curiosity 2024

🤯INSPIRE CURIOSITY.. with our community…

It’s a brand new adventure season .. unique learning, community involvement and of course FUN. This starts a whole new season for us.. and we need your help.

This is honestly the toughest time of year for us.. it’s the one time of year we open up and ask for your help, donations and contributions.

TLC FORE READING PA .. we are by nature.. NATURAL GIVERS… we love to give.. we love to put on unique family friendly events, educational activities, adventures and so much more for our community.

Everything we are able to do is from the generous contributions from our community. Those contributions range from monetary donations to items and of course one’s time.

So if you or anyone you know would like contribute.. in any form.. we have many different tiers for monetary donations..

But we also have lots of volunteer opportunities.. so stay tune and share with others.. and let’s make our impactful within our community.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you.





Unique Approach at Teaching, Learning and Community 

IMPACTMAS 2023.jpeg



It’s the most wonderful time of the Year… and we have the most amazing community of organizations, leaders, and citizenS.  We would like to team up with you, to provide a wonderful holiday experience for the youth of our community.

We have several fun events throughout the IMPACTMAS season. We begin with our IMPACTMAS toy drive.. 


IMPACTMAS Winter Education Series - Koziars Christmas Village

IMPACTMAS Brunch & Peace event at the Stirling Mansion. (Up to 50 - 70 kids or more)

IMPACTMAS Train Ride with Santa at the Reading Station. (Up to 70 kids or more)

We want to work with you.. any organization that would like to be apart…please .. let’s do it. It’s for and about the kids.. our community.. and us working together is sooo impactful.

TEAM WORK MAKES KIDS DREAMS WORK!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 we need more organizations to join us.

The toy drive is just a way to get everyone involved.. and if you don’t have toys.., no worries.. donate your time.. and MAKE YOUR PRESENCE IMPACTFUL..

We need you.. the world needs you.. THESE KIDS NEED YOU!!!

So let’s work together this holiday season.. and do something unique and fun


Education Series -We Change with Seasons -  Always Exploring with our Community 

We want to team up with YOU!! Like we actually do.. no strings attached… no hidden agendas.. just extremely genuine about the cause… we want to do something unique and fun… that makes others feel good. Creating opportunities of a wholesome positive atmosphere is what we are all about. So any organization, person, business looking to expand on the village of positivity… come aboard… remember YOUR PRESENCE IS IMPACTFUL…





Unique Approach at Teaching, Learning and Community 

UPCOMING EVENT ALERT 2022 Holiday Brunch & Peace Saturday December 17 2022

The Holiday Brunch & Peace  🎁🎅🎅🏽🎄 will be held at The Gables at The Stirling Mansion. We are blessed and fortunate to have an elegant sit down Brunch with 50 -70 kids this holiday season. Creating unique impactful opportunities of love, community appreciation, and just old fashion positive vibes is everything.  We would be super grateful for your help to make this the most incredible experience … if you or anyone you know would be interested please reach out to us and make your presence impactful.


Check out this fun video on YouTube


We want to work with you.. any organization that would like to be apart…please .. let’s do it. It’s for and about the kids.. our community.. and us working together is sooo impactful.

TEAM WORK MAKES KIDS DREAMS WORK!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 we need more organizations to join us.


UPCOMING EVENT ALERT 2022 Holiday Annual Santa Train Ride Friday December 23rd 

Our Annual Santa Train Ride is so fun. We buy out an entire train car that sits up to 70 passengers. This is an incredible experience of holiday cheer. Any organization, person, business looking to expand on the village of positivity… come aboard… remember YOUR PRESENCE IS IMPACTFUL…



Unique Approach at Teaching, Learning and Community 

LETS GET CONNECTED.. and stay up to date on all things TLC Fore Reading Pa on our social media 

Come find your WHY with us. We all want to feel as if we are a part of something greater than ourselves. You want to contribute in ways other than just monetary, want to experience that amazing feeling of giving back, want to know for certain that you have made a difference in the world – no matter how big or small?

We too, once had the mindset that we couldn’t possibly make a big enough difference in the world –  until we did.. one child, one parent, one person at a time. Want to know how we can change the world??? its simple… make YOUR PRESENCE IS TRULY IMPACTFUL. The people within your community stand to grow and learn the most from your positive influence and inspiring ideas. So connect with us, stay tuned in to all things TLC.. up to date information on upcoming events and community activities can be found on our facebook and our YouTube page will have detailed highlights from the events.

Education Series - September 18 2022 - part 2 Exploring the Mountain 

Education Series is one of our flagship programs.. a new location, a different experience , a unique approach at learning all in on.. if you are interested in learning and exploring different Berks County and Reading Pa locations and experiencing things from a fun unique experience.. then inbox 📥 us.. Teaching, Learning and Community.. just giving with a unique approach.. you can contact Tillman Sims @tms4141 (on instagram) directly to get all the details.. this fills up quick. Can’t join on Sunday’s no worries.. still reach out and follow along to learn about upcoming fun 🤩 for all things TLC FORE READING PA 




Unique Approach at Teaching, Learning and Community 

LETS GET CONNECTED.. and stay up to date on all things TLC Fore Reading Pa on our social media 

Alvernia University Hall of Fame Dinner 2022 truly blessed to share an amazing evening helping our youth Find their Why.., and see new inductees go into the Athletic Hall of Fame…. Special thank you to Reading Recreation Commission and  Alvernia University for one remember experience… just trying to create a new positive opportunities for the youth of our community… Come take a look 👀 with us at an amazing evening… in our Find Your Why? Series. We uploaded the full video to our YouTube page. The link is below.. please go check it, like and subscribe.. drop a 💚 in the comments letting us know you following along.  Thank you to our TLC Fore Reading Pa youth that were able to attend last night.. super impactful…. Check it out.



Education Series - September 18 2022 - part 2 Exploring the Mountain 

At the conclusion of our Education Series on 9-18-22.. Corrie Crupi invited us to explore the mountain with her and some wonderful friends, Ricky Polytika, Michelle Lynch, Botanist Mike Frankhouser, City of Reading Public Works Bethany Ayers Fisher, and of course our adventure buddies Amanda & Kailey.

We were in pursuit of finding markers planted on Arbor Day almost 100 years ago.. in names of presidents. Fun fact about Arbor Day .. “Beginning in 1906, Pennsylvania conservationist Major Israel McCreight of DuBois, Pennsylvania, argued that President Theodore Roosevelt’s conservation speeches were limited to businessmen in the lumber industry and recommended a campaign of youth education and a national policy on conservation education.”

On April 15, 1907, Roosevelt issued an "Arbor Day Proclamation to the School Children of the United States" about the importance of trees and that forestry deserves to be taught in U.S. schools. Pinchot wrote McCreight, "we shall all be indebted to you for having made the suggestion."

The reason why we choose to include this.. is that we all posse good intentions.. sometimes it takes a village to see something positive through.. love exploring and learning with our community. 




Unique Approach at Teaching, Learning and Community 

Education Series - September 18 2022 ..William Penn Memorial Fire Tower

History in our City.. as we head back up the mountain… we once again connect with Reading Pa’s own historian and Author Corrie Crupi. She is the chairman of the Skyline Drive Inc - an organization that preserves all the beautiful buildings and history of Skyline drive and more.

We also have Reading Pa’s own teen writing Club joining us once again… to meet with yet another local author .. this time.. to learn about Non -fiction based writing.. super excited.

Exploring Reading and Berks County is sooo much fun. But to learn the why’s, the how’s and the behind the scene stuff is EVERYTHING.



Education Series - August 21 2022 - John UpDike Childhood Home

We have sooo much rich history here in Reading Pa and Berks County .. we have been presented with a wonderful opportunity by the Home Director of Education Maria Lester to visit and explore the childhood home of John Updike a world renown author, two time Pulitzer Prize winner, was on the cover of TIME magazine.. not once BUT TWICE 🤯🤯… let me say that again.. on the cover of TIME magazine.. which was huge… that’s a major accomplishment in itself… first thing that honest grabbed our attention was this fact. One of his books was made into a feature film by Warren Brothers (WB) and was shot right here in Reading Pa starring James Caan (Godfather -Sunny- Elf and so many other movies) In our community we have a Teen Writing ✍️ Club already in place.. which provides our youth with an creative outlet through writing… so instead of reinventing the wheel .. and doing what another amazing organization is already doing… we are partnering with them to bring more positive awareness and of course… exposing our youth to Mr Updike and his Literary legacy he left for millions…. But now our hometown has access to.. such a true blessing…. I hope his story and journey inspires more and more our youth.





EDUCATION SERIES Event Saturday July 23 2022 - An Elegant Lunch - The Gables at Stirling Guest Hotel

What an epic day at the @gables_stirling we celebrated birthdays, had amazing live performances and a sit down lunch for 50 kids today.. and yes even played games outside.. it was amazing. Want to give a special thank you to Cesar for being such an amazing host.. and allowing @tlcforereadingpa3 to just do what we do.. sooo much to speak about, so much to share and thank. Huge special thank you 🙏🏽 to everyone who helped pull this off. Thank you Amanda for making this all happen and connecting dots for us to continue to do fun and unique things, thank you Crystal and Addison for having the sit down last weekend to go over plans with Cesar and his staff, family and friends. Thank you to Angel and Elijah for not only arriving early to set up games in yard… but staying late to break it down.. that’s huge! And we are so grateful. Thank you to Andy and Ralashia for coming through and being flexible and present. Thank you to Michelle, Nate, Becky and Hassan for helping with the gift and school supply handouts… that was huge.. so grateful. Truly truly grateful. The community we live in and the people we surround ourselves with are truly amazing.. YOUR PRESENCE IS TRULY IMPACTFUL.


Family Series - July 15 2022 - St. Luke’s Sports Medicine Presents - Baseball Town with the Fightin Phils 

What A fun and Joyful evening at the ballpark right here in Baseball town Reading Pa @readingfightin.p @fightins . Thanks 🙏🏽 to St Luke’s University Sports Medicine.. a proud @tlcforereadingpa3 sponsor and tonight’s sponsor at the Reading Fightin Phil’s. Listen regardless if you are young or old..whether you like baseball or not.. the atmosphere in this stadium is electric.. with Big ballpark feel.. with at home vibes.. and the food.. omg soooo good.. and the best prices in comparison to other ballparks.. you have to catch a game.. even if it’s for old times sake … or creating a new legacy with your family and friends.. Thank You St Luke’s for an amazing time for our TLC Fore Reading Pa’s youth and families. Most certainly appreciate it. 


Connect, share post, and stay up to date on upcoming events

EDUCATION SERIES Event Sunday June 262022 - Charles Duryea - Pagoda Hill Climb

Education Series - June 26 Part 1 - Duryea Hill Climb .. on a bright and pleasantly warm afternoon.. we honored to meet with Rich Rock to discuss first hand the history of Duryea Hill Climb and the significance of its presence here in Reading Pa.

Todays series is sponsored by Bromack Living..

It’s amazing how this series tied in with our last series which we held at the Stirling Mansion @gables_stirling . The original building owner was James Sternbergh and his son.. Herbert Sternbergh who was an iron master here in Reading, is the one who deserves the credit for bringing Charles Duryea here to Reading Pa as Duryea was in need of a financier for his dream to manufacture automobiles. Enter Herbert Sternbergh, being the son of one of the richest people in Reading Pa at the time most certainly helped in getting Duryea to come set up shop here in Reading Pa.

The hill climb.. was the final test for his automobiles before being ready for sale.

Since 1951 enthusiasts, local area adventures and more have kept this hill climb an annual event.. that people from all over the eastern seaboard come to take part in.

This Pagoda hill climb and Duryea Hill climb is nationally recognized.. and this is something that we wanted to visit for our education series today. Thank you once again to Amanda @munchkin1904 for doing all the wonderful things behind the scenes and connecting us with such wonderful people. 



Education Series - June 26 2022 - William Luden’s “Bon Air” Mansion - Former Reading Central Catholic High School

Education Series - June 26 Part 2 - William H Luden’s “Bon Air” Mansion - more commonly known as the former Reading Central Catholic High School..

We discussed William H Luden’s “Bon Air” Mansion and spoke on how he FOUND HIS WHY? In the back of his father jewelry shop on N 5th St in Reading before building his empire.

Luden’s claim to fame was his throat drops (cough drops in todays terms)

The Luden's mansion eventually became Reading Central Catholic High School in 1939 with an initial class of 75 students, and an addition was made to the building in 1941, (a date that will live in infamy *pearl harbor year*)

1941 was the last update to the property and in 2011 a new combined high school of Holy Name and Central Catholic was created now called Berks Catholic.

Of course we spoke on the Folk lure, tall tales, ghost stories and eerie moments.. that were said to have taken place.. we also tried to debunk the most famous of urban legends about the the Mansion.

It was a great exploration and another amazing point of history for our city and county. 



ADVENTURE SERIES Event Weds June 08 2022 - Partnership with BCAP

WE MADE IT HAPPEN.. what started out as a dream.. an ideal.. of just creating some positive and impactful memories for our community.. really happened.. a positive collaboration. It was a very early morning and lot of moving n shaking to pull this all off.. but those smiles those memories all so worth it.

Huge Special Shout out to Stephan & BCAP, Jordan Rodriguez -Olivets, Heather Boyer - Reading Rec team, Chastity-Doubletree, Seleda Real Deal 610, Epic Tours, Cabelas friendly and engaging staff, Gary Redner and Eric White of Redners Markets for your amazing service and contributions to help make our event amazing.

Thank you to our community partners, sponsors, supporters, parents and believers.

And last but not least … thank you thank you Lake Tobias… Mrs Jan, and the dream maker JR Tobias… what an amazing faculty and family run business you have. We are sooo humbled and grateful for the amazing and unforgettable experience today. 

Education Series - June 12 2022 - Stirling Mansion

We Love working with our community 

Education Series Kickoff Summer 2022.. exploring and learning local Berks County and Reading Area history, And wow what a treat today… we started at @berkshistory Berks Historical Society.. and walked up to the Stirling Mansion @stirlinghotel and was treated to a special inside adventure and in-depth look at the buildings history… and we ended across the Street at Charles Evans Cemetery.. special thank you to Amanda for all her work behind the scenes to make sure these programs go off smoothly.. and huge thank you for Joe the Gardner for sharing with us today at the Stirling Mansion.. also can’t thank the Stirling hotel for being so amazingly accommodating to @tlcforereadingpa3 on our road to discovery 




Our Programs Run Year Round

CADDIE MENTOR PROGRAM Event Sat June 10 2022 - Rich Maiden Golf Course

2022 Caddie Mentor Program kicked off at Rich Maiden Golf Course. Special thanks once again to Porter Group.. who help to make this caddie program.. a very positive welcoming and fun environment.. we appreciate you so much. To we had the Reading Rec @readingrec19602 and Michele @natemichele bring some amazing very wonderful kids to experience… something … well let’s say different. We engaged, we learned, we explored… kids talked laughed and we’re picking up on the game of golf. In 4 hours and 42 minutes.. these kids took , 10,898 steps, walked 5.92 miles and had an healthy day of unique fun. Thank you to todays Sponsor.., @paflipbros PA Flip Bro’s for being amazing and not only sponsoring… but being present and playing .. we appreciate YOU!! 



Rock da Block - June 04 2022 - Olivets 

We Love working with our community 

Rock da block … at the Olivets on Mulberry St… kicked off our summer for being impactful in our community.. and there was many surprises being pulled throughout the day…

Our community is stronger than what most will give it credit for it. But it’s not done individually… it’s collectively.. and nope.. we don’t have a magic wand or all the answers or even a know all fix all attitude…. We are just trying… trying to be impactful.. and those efforts whether big or small is sooo IMPACTFUL..

Huge Sneaky Shout out to Jordan, Seleda, Stephan, Larry and Crystal … you guys are something else.. sneaky sneaky… but I am so grateful for you..


Looking for ways to be involved, be present and be is how.

Take your TLC Adventure to the Next Level

Have an adventure spirit? Looking for a positive way to give back? Want share and discover? Want to see kids grow? Well take your ADVENTURE to the next level in 2022… let’s work together as a community… and let’s put a fun unique twist to giving back and learning.

Follow along with us on Facebook, and on instagram @tlcforereadingpa3 for current and update events and fun activities.

(Check out the EVENTS tab - to see some prior year community involvement)


Give back, sponsor a program or donate your time

This is honestly the toughest time of year for us… it’s the one time of year we open up and begin ASKING FOR YOUR HELP, DONATIONS AND CONTRIBUTIONS.

TLC Fore Reading Pa.. we are natural GIVERS.. that’s what brings us joy… to be able to put on unique events, educational activities, adventures and of course our programs…

But we don’t do this alone.. it’s our community of supporters …who believe and contribute.. for which we are super grateful.

Your donations and contributions 100% go directly to our programs.. we don’t have a board of directors or paid positions.. this is all done from the heart ❤️ for our community.

So anyone out there that would like to contribute.. be a sponsor for any of our programs… please reach out to us.. we have some fun events coming in 2022.

We also realize that not everyone can give “ monetary donations” but there is other ways to contribute… YOUR TIME, your presence, helping with events, sharing with others about our programs.. are all contributions..

So over the course of the next couple weeks we will reach out about different sponsorship opportunities with TLC..

THANK YOU THANK YOU. We can not begin to tell you just how much we appreciate you

(Go Donate tab for program  donations, go to the Sponsor tab for complete sponsor information)

Upcoming and Past Events

Make sure you stay tuned and stay involved in all things TLC 

6th Annual Golf Tournament 

The Manor Golf Club - May 15 2022

SAVE THE DATE... May 15 2022... register your foursome ASAP.. as this fills up super fast... please share and spread the joy.. anyone looking to sponsor, a program, event or contest.. or a way to be involved ...please reach out... we appreciate you and YOUR PRESENCE IS IMPACTFUL ... #tlcforereadingpa

(Go to the EVENTS tab - to Register for this year Golf tournament)

United Barber Christmas Cuts - 2021

Free hair cuts,food and fun 

The United Barber 💈 Christmas 🎄 Cuts ✂️for kids at 3rd & Spruce Rec Center… sooo many barbers came out and gave back to our community… we also had some amazing characters come out to play today .. all for the kids.. Mickey and Santa was the feature.. and Santa reached into his bag of goodies.. and handed out 💵 💰 and dance moves.. which cause huge smiles and excitement for the kids… thank you for all the people and organizations who made tonight possible.. thank you to @ebarber828 for always being a source of inspiration for @tlcforereadingpa3 and our city… check the full video out on our Facebook page..#unitedbarbers #christmascutsforkids #tlcforereadingpa #readingpa #communityoutreach

Fall Events

Make sure you stay tuned and stay involved in all things TLC 

Christmas Eve Santa Train Ride

Christmas Eve Santa Train ride for our end of the year Education Series.. was absolutely AMAZING.. soo many smiles and Christmas cheer… we teamed up with the Real Deal 610 and BCAP for this awesome and amazing event.. also thank you to the Reading Recreation Commission, The Reading Blue Mountain & Northern Railroad, the United Barbers, GL Financial Group Inc for working with us leading us to this and to be able to help gift some tickets to an amazing family from 3rd N Spruce Rec to experience this today… more pictures and videos to come… cause today was so much fun. Epic day 


 We enjoy teaming up with the Lonnie Walker Foundation. LW4 through his organization ran by TLC Fore Reading Pa’s own Crystal Gilmore-Harris, comes up with impactful ways to serve our community. Where it is coat drives, turkey drives and so much more… it is a fun direct way to make a difference right here in Reading Pa. LW4 also puts on sports events for the youth of our city.

Our 2020 Events Recap

Make sure you stay tuned and stay involved in all things TLC 

End Of The Summer Education Series 

Stokesay Castle - August 2020

One thing we try to nail home... is that YOUR PRESENCE IS IMPACTFUL... to those who have taken time out to interact, be present and try to change the narrative for today’s youth.. we salute you.. not just at our events.. but in your own homes, schools, workplace, community, neighborhoods, to that person.. who looked at someone who is exteriorly different.. but didn’t allow that difference to affect their own efforts and trying to change the narrative within the world ... towards the positive. On this day our youth, got to interact with The Mayor, Senator, Business owners, State Troopers, Patrol officers, general mangers, other local organizations.. and more.. as equals.. powerful!

 Fall Education Series - Sunday Oct 04 2020

Duncan Corn Maze


Duncan Corn 🌽 Maze

Shady Ave 🎶 🎤🥁🎸

With a smooth soulful and jazzy renditions.. from cover songs to originals by Shady Ave... it’s a smooth ambience of blissful easy listening for all ears, all ages and all races...

Once the music started playing... all.. took a listen... regardless if they were in the Corn 🌽 Maze, hayride or picking pumpkins 🎃 ... music 🎶 just has a way of just making everything that much better.. and it brings people together...

Shady Ave

Jamel - Drums 🥁

Donny - lead guitar 🎸

Vaughn - bass 🎸

Dana - Keyboard 🎹

Manager - Dana Sr.

Shady Ave we humbly thank you 🙏🏽 for your love and support for all things Tlc Fore Reading PA

Our  Events

Make sure you stay tuned and stay involved in all things TLC 


“There’s almost no greater feeling in the world than the feeling of completion, of wholeness, and of things being the way that they should be. When presented an opportunity to be better... we should be just that... Whether we take the material worldview that it’s just a chemical reaction that’s going on in our brain, or we take the more existential understanding, that something deeper is happening, either way, the experience feels incredibly profound.

On Sunday July 26, at our Tlc Fore Reading PA tournament... we had the honor.. of presenting Addison Alexander her first Golf Club Set and golf shoes. Addison first put a golf club in her hands at the Evening on the Green event last summer, an event hosted by the Manor Golf club.. and she fell in love with the sport.

Addison has been eagerly present at every TLC event, range session, caddie program, education series, family series and even gotten out just play... and not forced by hand... but encouraged by her own desire and wants...

Addison .. we say to you.. it is children like you... that provide us with this immeasurable feeling that has been expressed in innumerable ways throughout history, and it’s the subject of novels, movies, and countless other works of art. And the sensation can be summed up in five little words;”


Education Series - Sunday July 19 2020

Building Foundations

💯As beacons of change, you and I both are committed to the transformation, expansion, and growth of our youth and our community. We need to feed all our brains 🧠 positivism, nurture our souls, and stay inspired. In a divided world 🌎 we must be the beacon of change... there is power in your positive actions...📸cred Bill Snook 

Thank you to the Pennsylvania State Police Department and the Reading Police Department... BCAP and Alvernia University representatives. 



Our Events

Make sure you stay tuned and stay involved in all things TLC 

Education Series  - Sunday July 12 2020

Rolling the Dice on You

TLC Fore Reading Pa, firmly believes in the power of learning through adventuring, exploring and discovering right here in our own back yard.. We try to introduce a different Berks County Historical location each session. We are inspired To establish the next generation of leaders and learners. To foster career development and forward thinkers. To increase job satisfaction and retention. The benefits we hope will go on and on.

Today we were at Nicolas Stoltzfus Homestead and The Berks County Park Ranger Station. Today guests were extra special, Stephan Fains from Berks Community Action program... who has gone from guest to the staple that brings this education series all together. Nate Griesbaum former Reading High Student and his father is an educator and former Reading High Teacher and former Reading High basketball coach, who coached Tillman M Sims III and Stephan Fains as the Freshman and Junior Varsity Coach. Mr Garipoli presence was a special gift and truly a huge blessing. He has served our county in so many positive ways.... but his greatest impact is his heart.. Mr Garipoli served as a beacon of hope today, he inspired our youth to show just how important and long lasting a good heart and positive actions can have on our community.

We are learning There are a multitude of ways that mentoring can have positive impacts others. And not just in the moment but over time. We are all mentors, grandparents, aunts, uncles, neighbors, cousins, coaches, teachers, or anyone who takes time out to improve the lives of others... YOUR PRESENCE IS POWERFUL!!! We love you and appreciate you..

Education Series - Sunday June 14 2020

Removing Negativity 


Tlc Fore Reading PA Education series continues... today was a huge Success... building off of last week series.. we came to Berks County Heritage Center. We had 2 amazing guest speakers... Larry Zerbe from Reading COR Tennis Program and Ivy Copeland from Reading Area Community College, Mentor, Juvenile probation, and many other Distinctions that she carries... Spoke with our youth today.

Such a great positive turn out. We learned some of Berks County History, played interactive games...that worked on the effects of positivism over negativity..visited Berks County Policemen’s and veterans memorial... and talked about positive change and implementing it in their world. Thank you once again to Stephan Fains and Crystal Gilmore Harris.. for their collective teamwork. Special thank you to Vanessa Jackson for providing today’s refreshments for our youth



Our Events

Make sure you stay tuned and stay involved in all things TLC 

TLC Fore Reading Pa Family Fun Golf Series

You missed out on an amazing day full of fellowship, laughs, fun and learning.. followed up by some amazing ice cream sundaes made with a little TLC... today the Manor presented The Family Fun Golf scramble... introducing youth to the game of golf and just how fun it can be.. this falls right in line with our Family Series... teaching our kids the importance of family... and what makes up the nucleus of having a family.. setting core values. We at TLC Fore Reading Pa.. have been truly blessed with an amazing group we call family...we created this amazing network and collection of people from all different backgrounds, races and places.. and yesterday some of our golf family came out and showed amazing love and support.

🍷Wine and Cheese🧀 Woman’s golf Clinic

 Let this amazing fact sink in.....

“...Nina Simone once said, “I’ll tell you what freedom is to me: no fear.” When you live fearlessly, you are limitless. Think about it – doesn’t freedom in itself lead to the empowerment of women and society as a whole? Women empowerment refers to the process of improving and increasing the social, economic, political, and legal status of all women. One of its main goals is to achieve gender equality and give power to all women and girls because the truth is empowering women means empowering the world.”

What an amazing evening of fellowship, laughs and fun.. thank you to these powerful woman being fearless for trying something new and fun.. and despite the rain.. memories were made and inspiration was widespread.

Thank you Crystal Gilmore Harris, Sharon Barley and Cheryl L Heckman for making this amazing event happen.. super Proud to have witness this..

Our Community Events

We are big on Community events and help others achieve their vision

Berks County Barber Battle 5 &

Battle of the Brushes

Feburary 23 2020 Crown Plaza Reading Pa

Berks County .. this is our City's signature event.. for artist of all backgrounds. There is going to be awesome vendors and a wonderful display of local talent. Network, learn, meet, greet, and buy some great products all while watching some of the best artist do what they do. 

TLC Vision Education Series

One of the most important benefits of our educational series is that you will gain skills and experience that you can use for future jobs and classes. Opening doors and bringing the community together with businesses for the future.

Our Community Events

We are big on Community events and help others achieve their vision

Summer Family Series 

Manor Golf Club  

June 28th - July 12th - Aug 09th

UPDATE: This was rescheduled first date will now be June 28th. Sign up fast. Limited to 10 foursomes

We teamed up with The Manor Golf Club for this summer family series. Cheryl L Heckman is a firm believer in family and youth.. so we jumped at this opportunity to be with kids to have bonding time and a fun learning experience. Last year We shared the best of laughs, great conversations and of course fun.

After our 9 hole round.. the kids are rewarded and get to create their very own ice cream 🍨 sundae’s. Be sure to sign up for this event.. there will be contest, prizes and more...each date is limited to just 12 families (foursomes) 

Washington DC Bus Trip and Adventure

Saturday April 18 2020

📚TLC Education Series✏️

UPDATE: This trip will be rescheduled due to COVID#19

The Fishermen Club of Reading Pa.. puts on amazing bus trips. This year TLC Fore Reading PA is teaming up with the Fisherman Club for the trip to Washington DC.

This trip is for all.. go alone.. bring the family, bring a friend... this trip is educational, adventurous and absolutely fun.

This trip fills up super quick.. so please contact us

We are trying to help shape the lives of young people from all walks of life and increase their confidence and success through mentoring and learning.​

Our mission is to enable all young people to reach their full potential and grow to be health, successful and responsible members of our community through the game of golf.  Through mentoring and education, TLC Fore Reading Pa will provide opportunities to youth to learn and earn while giving back to our community. 


        OUR VISION        


  • To inspire positive change, leadership, and character development and to enable them to visualize their futures to implement and achieve life goals.
  • We provide our caddies with a safe, supportive, and enriching environment that inspires and empowers them to achieve their greatest potential. 
  • To be a resource for youth to gain confidence, self-advocacy skills, and attain mentoring in order to provide the best opportunities possible to be successful members of the community.
  • To be a bridge connecting the business community with the limitless potential of youth.
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