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        OUR MISSION       



Our Mission 

TLC Fore Reading Pa is a community development organization that takes a unique approach at TEACHING, LEARNING AND COMMUNITY.  We take pride in introducing the game of golf and its inherent values, along with our many unique programs to our great city of Reading Pa and surrounding areas. Our work focuses on giving back, pouring into our community from the ground up.  Our 5 year strategic plan also includes after-school and in-school programs, as well as continuing to build on our existing programs we already have in place.  Our goal is to help shape the lives of young people from all walks of life and enhance their world through education, mentoring, and programming.  Through the efforts of our many devoted staff, volunteers and community partners, we encourage the development of people of all ages, backgrounds and skills levels.  Our focus is on reinforcing the values of integrity, respect and perseverance through exploring and adventuring through very community we reside in and share the beauty within it. 

        OUR VISION       


  • To inspire positive change, leadership, and character development and to enable them to visualize their futures to implement and achieve life goals.  
  • We provide our caddies with a safe, supportive, and enriching environment that inspires and empowers them to achieve their greatest potential.
  • To be a resource for youth to gain confidence, self-advocacy skills, and attain mentoring to be successful members of the community.
  • To be a bridge connecting the business community with the limitless potential of youth when given opportunities. 

        OUR VALUES        


  • Respect – We recognize that each individual has equal, intrinsic worth and deserves to be treated with dignity
  • Integrity – We operate with honesty and hold ourselves accountable for our words and actions.
  • Inclusion – We strive to offer youth and young adults from all economic, cultural and social backgrounds access to opportunities, through mentoring and work that will enable them to overcome barriers and achieve their full potential in life.
  • Empowerment – We believe all young people can grow into responsible, contributing and self-reliant members of our community. We encourage and empower them to develop healthy lifestyles, a life-long passion for learning, and leadership and life skills to further their opportunities.
  • Innovation – We seek out and embrace new opportunities that can increase our impact on youth and the community.
  • Collaboration – We work together with successful adults and volunteers in our community, in partnership with businesses and other organizations, to provide youth with mentoring and leadership. 
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