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Our Team

We love bringing the Community together

Tillman M. Sims III 

The Visionary

Tillman sees TLC as a platform for everyone to be involved and serve others. The direction he sees TLC going is to one day be a household name, and that one day.. the impact that TLC will have on someone's life will make a huge difference

Chama Carwll

The Problem Solver

Never one to back down from a debate or problem. Chama brings a unique approach to managing issues and getting them resolved in a timely manner. Chama is involved in many community organizations and coaches different youth programs

Lenny Pan

The Network

Lenny is our social butterfly. If you are ever afforded the opportunity to speak with him.. his heart is so pure and full of love. He brings many people together and will always have a ear to listen. Lenny brings to the table a vast network of friends, colleges and business partners to TLC

Anthony Cowsette

The Chef

Anthony is our multi talented chef who makes specialty items at our events that are fan favorites.  Anthony's playful and engaging personality makes him amazing with the young and old alike. He will be sure to offer up his years of experience in service. When he is not chef'in it up he is directly involved in youth programs

Devin Merritt

The Finisher

Devin has been an amazing leader with our Caddie Mentor program. He is a delight to be around. He will always have a smile for you. Devin handles many things for TLC. He does the scoring for our tournaments and events. Devin oversees  our TLC fellowship and friends Golf League. He Runs Our #Thereyougogolf Annual Golf Getaway to South Carolina. Devin also heads up the brand #thereyougogolf apparel. This brand is Devin own vision which should be set to launch here in 2020.  

Todd Long 

The Connector

Todd brings people together and offers up a unique input towards our event contest and games. In our past tournaments Todd has made Trips possible for some of our lucky winners to enjoy a getaway in a beautiful island  retreat.

Kate Ketter 

The Director

Kate Ketter coordinates marketing, outreach, and program development for TLC Fore Reading Pa. Behind the scenes Kate ensures we have our website running smoothly and she has the willingness to not only meet requirements but exceed any we may encounter for our programs or events, with forms and required documentation …Kate has a forward thinking mentality and always tries to keep TLC one step ahead.

Crystal Gilmore-Harris

The Implementer

Crystal is TLC's very own Hometown Super Hero. With a heart that is pure, a drive that is unmatched and willingness to inspire our city's youth is her calling card. Crystal is involved in many things throughout the city of Reading and the State of Pennsylvania, spreading her time and love to help other organizations reach their full potential is just another amazing quality that is so special about Crystal. Her passion is coaching.. she's a cheer coach and inspiration to all woman she has come in connect with. 

Eric Rodriguez

The Plug

Eric from day one has been TLC's lead consultant and huge supporter. Eric's contributions to not only TLC but all things Reading Pa is huge.. Come to Eric with a dream.. and he will help make it a reality. With his passion for his family, his community and his love for his clientele.. Eric has become the voice of the industry for Barbers/Hair Stylist/Artist. His drive to bring the community together, his humbleness to listen, the love he spreads.. it is contiguous and effective.  

Joel Ramos

The Designer

Joel has that eye, that vision and creative talent, TLC came to Joel with an ideal and his creative juices flows from there. He developed the concept for all of TLC programs. Joel has an incredible imagination that he brings to life, Joel loves the capture the greatness of our community thru the lens but often times through words. He Created "The Line Up Magazine" which offers an in depth look into the Barber/Hairstylist industry. Joel has an infectious laugh and tag team style sense humor always ready to tap in with some great one liners, But also has one of the biggest hearts and is always willing to spread love in our community

Amanda Ash

The Developer 

Amanda puts in work in tremendous work to take the Education Series to new heights with her local history connections along with her love for this city and county. Behind the scenes she makes it possible for TLC to explore deeper than just on the surface and has her very on authentic historian in her family to ensure TLC is being true to the historical aspects of our education series.

Want to Join our Team?

Want to Find Your Why? Want to Join our Team? If you have a way to contribute and want to make your presence impactful … well then we are the organization for you. 

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